Delivery Process

Having processes which lead to expected outcomes is even more critical in our delivery model where the development team is potentially based thousands of kilometres away from the customer. So no matter how small or complex your project is, the process of delivering your solution is well defined and consists of the following 4 steps (mind you, this process is geared towards Fixed Quote engagement, but the core process typically applies for the other 2 engagement models, although we are flexible there and our resources can easily fit your existing processes as well):

Tell us what you need

In our team we have experienced project managers that are responsible for analysis, resource allocation, project management and delivery of the final product to our customers. They are the “face” of ArtHaus for all your day-to-day communication.
At the beginning of a software project the assigned Project Manager actively engages with you to understand and if necessary document your needs and requirements. In our experience this is the most important part of the process to ensure its success, so we strive to understand your business situation well to recommend a solution that is best suited.

We provide solution proposal & estimation for your approval

Based on your requirements and our experience we create a solution proposal that is best suited for your business and provides a lower total cost of ownership.
The Project Manager will prepare and send you our proposal and time and cost estimation for your approval. The estimation will define the major milestones and delivery schedule.

We implement

Our process of developing software is based on industry best practises to guarantee delivery of quality commercial-grade solutions and meeting all agreed milestones.
From beginning to the end of this process, we ensure you’re aware of the project progress at all times trough standardized weekly reports and regular communication using various channels such as all popular IMs, email or phone. We can use our internal ticket system to track project-related communication, where you get your own account and can access all your projects and tasks online at any point of time, which in our experience helps significantly to deliver expected results. But we are also open to using client PM systems if that is preferred.
Be assured that we’ll raise the red flag when we see things going wrong, we’ll share our recommendations and give the news in time whether it is good or bad. It is this commitment and ownership that we encourage in all our staff and which is critical for the success of the work we do.

We deliver

On build and internal QA completion, we deliver the application using the agreed deployment process. After delivery we provide warranty for 3 months, provided the environment and application software written by us hasn’t been modified. This is a guarantee that any potential issues will be resolved without any additional costs for you.


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