We offer 3 engagement models for Software Development. They all offer certain advantages and the important thing is to select the right model for the work to be performed. We can help you to select the most appropriate model and options by looking at your shorter and long term goals. Find below a quick comparison table

Fixed Quote Fixed quote and timeline provided for delivering well-defined project requirements
Hours Package Fixed hours per month package purchased, which guarantees price and resource availability
Dedicated Resources Hire and manage specific ArtHaus resources at fixed monthly rate
Flexibility in Project Scope and Requirements No
Work Prioritization Fixed Flexible Flexible
Resource Control None Full Full
Process Control None Partial Full
Team Management ArtHaus ArtHaus Client
Resource Retention Possible
IP Protection
Cost Control Fixed & controlled Estimated & Timesheet - controlled Estimated & controlled
Invoice model Payment for each milestone Fixed-price package + any hourly based work, payable monthly Fixed resource rates, payable monthly
Suitability Suitable for well-defined projects Suitable for smaller to medium volume of ad-hoc and maintenance tasks or where the work volume cannot be exactly estimated early on Suitable for larger projects and all work where knowledge retention helps and where flexibility in work prioritization is needed
Focus Short term Medium term Long term, outsourcing strategy
Long term savings Average

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In this model the Client provides a well-defined project scope and requirements, while ArtHaus provides fixed quote for the work to be done. A specific timeline is decided and agreed upon with specific milestones, where each milestone is linked to some percentage of the payment.

This is a good, low-risk option if you have fixed and documented set of requirements, as it enables you to plan your finances and delivery schedule in a predictable way. The key is to ensure clear scope and closed set of requirements as there is not much room to change them when the project starts without affecting the price and / or timelines.

The payment is milestone based, i.e. the Client is invoiced after the completion of each milestone according to the agreed payment schedule, which is typically part of the standard agreement we sign with our clients before we start the work on a project. The fixed quote depends several criteria, such as how well the scope is defined, project size and timelines as well as the expertise required.
This is variation of the "Time and Materials" model, where the Client purchases certain amount of hours per month package for a fixed price (with a minimum being 50h), which guarantees the price and availability of resources. This would typically be the average number of hours the Client expects they'll spend in a month. The Client can go over the purchased hours package in a month by purchasing further hours on an hourly basis.

In this model the Client passes ad-hoc tasks to ArtHaus. The task priority is also decided by the Client. This model works well for scenarios where the Client has continuous development or maintenance tasks on their products, where the tasks size and complexity can vary.

The Client is invoiced for the hours package and any additional purchased hours on a monthly basis. The fixed package price depends on the required resource expertise, package size and contract term.
In this model you hire and manage specific ArtHaus resources. The resources are our employees but they will be dedicated for your assignments only and you have the complete project management control over how they are utilized. It allows you full flexibility and control over the processes and resource allocation. On the other hand if you don't have project management or outsourcing experience we can include project management support on our end, to ensure that everything is well coordinated so that you can still benefit from this model.

This model is suited for larger projects which require continuous improvements over time or for ad-hoc tasks to assist Client's internal team. As the resources work exclusively for you, they build their knowledge of your business and projects thus they can more actively consult and help you. So the key aspect is to retain the resources on a medium / long term basis in order to retain this knowledge.

You have the option to hire full-time resource or part-time resource, with a minimum of 3 months contract length. The Client is invoiced on a monthly basis. The monthly invoice is reduced proportionately if the resource delivers less than the minimum hours in any given month. The price you pay for a resource depends essentially on the experience level and area of expertise required.