Microsoft Solution

We are Microsoft Silver Partner for over 5 years now and our experienced Microsoft technology team can help in building high-quality applications based on the .NET framework that will provide you with efficient and scalable solutions. We can implement both on-premise client-server solutions based on either Windows forms or WPF as well as ASP.NET web solutions.

We have implemented over 100 projects based on the Microsoft technical stack, including printing inventory, warehouse, asset lifecycle management, supply chain systems and many more…

We can also help maximize your current software investment trough continuous maintenance and feature enhancements, using our extensive experience in various platforms and 3rd party software. Typical maintenance tasks include:

  • Adding new and extending existing features in your current software applications
  • Re-architecting individual software modules to make them more scalable and future-prone.
  • Integrating information from disparate systems
  • Migrate applications to newer or different platform (for e.g. .Net2 to .Net4 or ASP to ASP.Net)
  • Leveraging information from legacy systems through the use of web services