Leads Contact Forms

This is very simple but powerful contact forms generator that has the following features:

  • It is Cross-Domain compatible, you can place this code on any 3rd party site
  • No need of any installation on the 3rd party sites, except adding this HTML /JavaScript code there
  • Captha validation included ...

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Arthaus' Custom Grid

MVC3 Custom Grid

  • Gimmick-free, Table-based design & Valid HTML
  • 2 color schemes (with option to customize the grid css)
  • Filters for text, numbers and dates with large number of filter options
  • Simple and Advanced paging
  • Content formatting

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Make a reservation! Use this system for simple online reservations in restaurants, clubs, cafes, fitness clubs, beauty saloons and many more other services.

Features for Customers
Easy to find the right service provider, display the location on a map, preview available spots on monthly, weekly and daily basis, safe bookings with with guaranteed data privacy, receive confirmation email and optional reminders, choose from wide range of facilities and services.

Features for Businesses
Setup your business and receive reservations in few simple steps, define your open hours and special dates exception, specify custom reservation types, review and manage all your reservations, manage available spots and receive one year free subscription.

Easy to use and automate everything
Save time by automating all reservation tasks: show up-to-date availability, ask for any information on the booking form, handle cancellations, modifications and set up automatic confirmations.

You can try to make a reservation here
To review the administration module you can go here and use the following credentials for login, Username: admin and Password: admin

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RecruitMe is a powerful tool to match job seekers (experts) and employers (companies) based on common interests they have. RecruitMe is easy to use and guides the job seekers through posting their skills and working experience, which are the baseline for the matching process. Employers have easy access to key candidate information and finding the best possible candidate.

RecruitMe ranks candidates by calculating their skills suitability for a job match. RecruitMe uses an algorithm that calculates suitability depending on candidate skills, work experience and age as main criteria. In the calculation it relies on number of additional factors such as how many skills are required or if some skills are covered completely or partially by other skills. It also offers to find candidates that are best match by occupation, location and salary. The search results can be further refined to cater for different age, skills or candidates that ask for lower salary.

RecruitMe supports multiple languages and retains user context across all their devices, so they can continue with the registration process or setting up their profile from the point where they left.

To visit our site as Expert go here
To visit our site as an Employer go here
To search for an expert please go here and search by entering some criteria, for example php for skills and programmer as expert occupation
To review the administration module you can go here and use the following credentials for login, Username: admin and Password: password

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Real conversations - chat client for any type of communication over the Internet that offers a real-time transmission of text messages between chat participants. Chat messages are generally short to enable your users to respond quickly. You can define the order of questions and what type of answer to expect from the user.


1) Display of selected questions
2) Validation of answers
3) Map location
4) Support for profile images
5) Button answering
6) Tooltip - Help associated with questions
7) View chat history
8) Ability to close and reopen chat session to continue with questions
10) Repeat a question
11) Recognize users and continue with the questions from last session

The chat client supports multiple languages
Easy to add new languages the chat should support as well as use the translation feature in the admin section to translate questions.

Managing the questions and languages can be done in admin section : here
You can use following credentials for login: Username: admin Password: password

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