Web Development

With web-based development being our primary focus, we have implemented more than 350+ E-Commerce, B2B, B2C and intranet applications. In our 13 years of existence we have gained experience in wide range of industries that makes us more than just a bunch of programmers – we learnt we need to understand how your business is different from others and try to devise a solution that will enable you to operate more efficiently and stand out from the crowd.

Our key specialties are:

  • Help turn your ideas into new web sites
    We can guide you through the selection of the right implementation approach, brainstorm design ideas and provide proof of concepts to quickly see actual results
  • Optimize your web site for various devices
    We can protect your investment in your existing web site by ensuring its design is responsive and device-friendly. This will allow your web site design to dynamically change to accommodate your user screen size and orientation
  • Integrate your web site with other products or cloud platforms
    Want to integrate your solution to social platforms, payment gateways, Shopify, FourSquare or SalesForce? We are experienced integrators and can ensure your solution integrates to any product with publicly available API

Technology-wise we can deliver solutions based on the following platforms:

  • LAMP stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP)
    Open source technology platform which enables very low implementation and maintenance costs. This makes it very popular choice and large percentage of our web projects are based on this platform
    We have a dedicated Microsoft technologies team specialized in the .NET framework which can deliver your solutions based on the Microsoft technical stack
  • Java
    Java technology stack is one of the core web delivery platforms and this is where we can also help you with building scalable and highly-portable solutions
  • Open source CMS platforms
    If your needs can be met by some of the most popular CMS platforms such as Drupal or WordPress, it might be a fast and cost-effective solution option to implement using out of the box capabilities these platforms provide.