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We will help you implement the right set of IT solutions to help you gain a significant advantage over your competitors. We have a proactive approach to solving IT puzzles. Our team is actively engaged in providing guidelines and advice to get to the best possible solution and not wait on clients to hand them an instruction manual and a small “box” to work in.

Web Development

With web-based development being our specialty, we can custom build your web site or implement it in some of the most popular CMS platforms such as Drupal or WordPress

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Mobile Development

We have a number of iOS and Android based mobile applications in our project portfolio, mainly in the retail and property management industries, implemented for our customers as well as our own product offerings.

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Microsoft Solutions

On-premise client-server and web based solutions built on the Microsoft set of technologies

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We help smart business implement the right set of IT tools and solutions

Our consistency in providing quality and effective IT solutions speaks volumes for our work We have over 13 years of experience, over 400 projects and more than 80 satisfied clients. Our continuous growth and development has taught us to adapt the methods and communication based on our client’s needs as we are not trying to be just your vendor, but a partner that will help you succeed.

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Delivery Process

Having processes which lead to expected outcomes is even more critical in our delivery model where the development team is potentially based thousands of kilometres away from the customer.

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Industry Experience

We offer 3 engagement models for Software Development. They all offer certain advantages and the important thing is to select the right model for the work to be performed.

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Engagement Models

We have implemented over 400 solutions mainly in the retail, property, insurance, finance and manufacturing industries, where we have gained significant business experience over the years.

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Arthaus' Custom Grid

You get double value for the money

  • Gimmick-free, Table-based design & Valid HTML
  • 2 color schemes (with option to customize the grid css)
  • Filters for text, numbers and dates with large number of filter options
  • Simple and Advanced paging
  • Content formatting
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