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Bespoke Software For Businesses – How То Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

Businesses often face a hard choice – to pick up software off the shelf or get it tailored to their needs. Making this choice can be challenging as ready-to-use apps can cover most of their needs and cost much less at a first glance.  However, bespoke software can be much more beneficial in the long […]

Laravel Custom App Design: Pros & Cons

Contrary to popular belief, PHP is not dead. It’s still widely used by sites, including huge traffic websites such as Facebook and Wikipedia. According to w3techs, a whooping 79%+ of all websites still use PHP, making it one of the most widespread programming languages on the internet.  With that said, many programmers turn to a […]

App Security Audit – Top Reasons Why You Need One And Best Practices

Аpp security isn’t a feature – it’s a necessity. A single breach into your software can cost you a lot in the short term, and mistrust from your userbase in the long term.  Even with that in mind, the latest findings show that more than 50% of available apps fail the most basic security tests. […]