7 Briliant App Ideas That Can Shape The Future

App development is filled with countless possibilities. What’s more is that companies that rely on app development have ensured growth and profits, often leaving the competition behind them. 

Regardless if you are running a startup or a well-established enterprise, apps can help you explore new areas through advanced technology. Mobile app development nowadays can uplift your business status to a great extent. 

But coming up with a killer idea can be challenging. You don’t want to push a product that has already been overdone or something that could not be sustainable in the long run. For this reason, we take a look at 10 brilliant app ideas that could help you reshape your business and set it up for success. 

Augmented reality interior design

The most challenging part of purchasing new furniture for your home is to picture it correctly in real life. The size, color, and feel of a piece of furniture might be great when looking at it in the shop. However, once at home, the newly purchased piece might seem out of place, too big, too small, or of the wrong color. 

The answer? A virtual interior design app that allows its users to take a photo of a place and design it virtually using augmented reality. The AR-based interior designer will suggest to the users about the best-suited design. Moreover, with augmented reality, users get a clear image of their home decoration and how it would add an appealing look to their home space. 

Mall navigation app

With the COVID19 crisis slowly winding down, shopping malls are starting to register clientele growth. And there’s nothing better to increase the customer experience than to offer a navigational app for your shoppers. 

This app can be used to present an interactive map with all the shops and amenities. Moreover, you can use the app so that shoppers can manage and pay for their parking and participate in different discount actions. Finally, the shopping mall app can be doubled with a loyalty program across different brands. They can allow customers to accumulate points and increase engagement and loyalty. 

All in all, these apps can be a one-stop shop for providing an enhanced shopping experience which in turn increases the shops’ revenue. 

On-demand service apps

The coronavirus crisis showed humanity the importance of having easily accessible, on-demand services. The world is inevitably changing at lightning speed. With users looking for speed, convenience, and simplicity, on-demand service apps are growing. 

Users can access various services, ranging from on-demand taxi services, food delivery, repair or cleaning services, all in the palm of their hand. The opportunities are endless. The best part is that most service businesses can adapt their operating process to these apps. This can increase their reach and revenue by tenfold in a record amount of time. 

IoT-capable (internet of things) apps

The applications of IoT technologies are multiple because it is adjustable to almost any technology. Anything that needs to be monitored can be connected to IoT devices and used to simplify, improve, automate and control different processes. 

And because individuals have access to small supercomputers (smartphones) in their pockets, IoT-enabled apps can be used in real-world situations on a daily level. For example, sensors can be installed in fleet vehicles to establish effective interconnectivity between the vehicles their drivers. This could then be paired with geolocations for optimizing routes, cutting fuel costs, and improving car park management. 

School supplies app

After the end of the school year, all the students will be left with their old books and tools. Some of these might not be of any need in the future. A school supplies app can be used to track the surplus of books and make them available to different schools. 

Furthermore, with all the extracurricular activities, parents can find it particularly challenging to keep track of all the supply needs of their children. As such, the app could also be used in partnership with supplies shops. It can help users source particular items that are difficult to find. 

Healthcare App

Digitization is transforming every industry, and healthcare is on top of the list. There are several mobile app ideas related to this sector. Medical record tracking apps, fitness apps, wellness apps, remote monitoring apps, so many opportunities out there! 

Recently, with the outbreak of COVID19, telemedicine apps are rising in demand. These can provide online consultation, making healthcare more accessible and wide-reaching. Additionally, they can be used to seamlessly integrate the care process across different healthcare facilities. This could make the entire process it more cost-effective and efficient. Healthcare app development has a promising future and might be a worthy investment! 

Supermarket checkout app

Most of the time in a supermarket is usually spent waiting in line. And it’s undeniable that people have less and less time at their disposal to do their shopping. A checkout app could allow shoppers to scan barcodes while in the market can reduce time spent on the cashier line significantly. 

This process can be improved even further by integrating e-wallet support with the app. This way, customers can pay for their groceries within the app and avoid waiting in line entirely! This means a better, streamlined experience for the shopper and reduced human error leading to profit losses. 


A mobile app idea can transform the very core of your business. Once you have a killer idea, it’s essential that you find the best team that can provide a robust product. 

Rest assured, there are hundreds of possibilities out there. We hope that the few ideas we depicted in this article could be a great starting point towards your own app development.