Our mission:

is to become one stop shop for our clients to implement the right set of IT tools and solutions to help them gain significant advantage over their competitors

We aim to achieve this trough a program of constant development and expansion of our team, services and technologies used. In the process we also seek to build strong ongoing relationships with our customers so that they see us as partners, rather than just another vendor. Therefore we always seek ways to enhance our transparency, communication and reward our long-term customers, as these are the core aspects to achieve this goal in our experience

  • Established in 2001, 20 years of industry experience
  • Based in Skopje (Macedonia, Europe) with sales office in Australia
  • with over 25 software engineers
  • More than 80 clients and portfolio of over 400 projects
  • Target clients: small and medium sized businesses
  • Key markets: Europe, USA and Australia
  • Providing three different models for offshore development: time and material, dedicated team and fixed cost

Partnerships / Certificates

Since 2022 we partner with amplifyre.com innovative matching platform for software companies

iGameh2020-igame.eu is a 4-year pan European project funded by the EU H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions under Research and Innovation Staff Exchange programme.

From September 2018 Arthaus is working on Recrutme product with finascial support of FITR.

We are members of 5 joint company consortiums as part of the European FP7 R&D programme:

  • Tacmon: Design and implementation of remote learning software for Tacmon, advanced low-cost Tactile Device for people with vision disabilities (5 year project with 13 partners)
  • WaterGolf: Designing system software for Watergolf system, supporting intelligent irrigation processes on golf courses resulting in significant water consumption savings (2 year project with 8 partners)
  • Maven: Design and develop a set of tools for multimedia data management and security (2 year project with 7 partners)
  • SODSAT: Creation of remote precision management of turf grass sod production by means of artificial intelligence and satellite imaging (2 year project with 9 partners)
  • UnderSafe: Design and develop a safety system which will detect and provide early warning about a number of conditions that can pose a danger to Touristic Underground activities. (2 year project with 8 partners)

Microsoft Silver Partner since 2010.