The Future of IoT: Trends & Innovations

In the last two decades, IoT, or the Internet of Things, has become a regular practice in industries globally. IoT has undergone major advancements and it’s now considered mainstream.

It’s no longer limited to certain users like it was in the past.

IoT innovations are ongoing. New solutions, IoT trends, and products for both industrial and consumer use are being developed and more and more companies and enterprises are using IoT devices. 

IoT increases efficiency, promotes better customer service, and better decision-making processes, and elevates the business’s value.

Curious if your business needs the Internet of Things?-Keep reading to learn the top IoT trends and IoT innovations in 2023 and how they’re changing the workspace.

IoT Explained 

IoT may be an individual who wears a heart monitor implant or an automobile with sensors that alert the driver for numerous things. Any natural or man-made object can be given an Internet Protocol and deliver data using a network.

IoT is a network of interconnected devices that connect and exchange data with the cloud and other IoT devices. The devices usually feature technologies such as software and sensors and may also have digital and mechanical machines, as well as consumer objects. 

An excellent example of how IoT is changing the world is a software solution designed by our ArtHaus developers for the Green-Go company

This intuitive turf-caring digital platform is part of the turf-caring programs for eminent sports clubs like Genoa, AC Milan, Weder Bremen, etc. It gives accurate data to schedule automatic care programs, reduce challenges, and detect pests.

Organizations and industries globally benefit from IoT to improve efficiency and customer service and bring more value to their business. IoT allows the transfer of data among networks without human-to-human or human-to-computer contact.

6 Top IoT Trends & Innovations in 2023 

The IoT is changing the world as we know it. Here are the six top trends and innovations in 2023:

  • AI & IoT

IoT devices allow businesses to have detailed insight into their company’s productivity, their employees, services, quality of products and services, etc. Nowadays, this information is used to develop AI models. 

IoT with AI eases automation and betters product and service quality. 2023 will bring more businesses that will use AI and IoT to enhance their logistics, shipping, manufacturing, etc. 

  • 5G in-car tech

The release of 5G services and its global spread has led to innovations in-car technology

Many operators are offering connected car services in addition to 5G plans for customers. The use of 5G in-car services will better communication, increase the awareness of ADAS systems, and lower the risk of collisions.

  • Digital Twins & IoT

Digital Twins technology has been rising in popularity in more and more industries as digitalization and sensor technology took over. 

Digital Twins on IoT platforms better the visibility of the processes of organizations and the ability for analysis and improvement. 

This technology will play a significant role in building strong supply and logistics chains. Whether implemented in an airport or in a factory, IoT and Digital Twins provide a visual representation of a device or a machine and a digital view of the operations, data, processes, etc.

  • IoT in healthcare

Many innovations have happened in the last years in IoT in healthcare. From voice assistants to connected medical tools, numerous IoT solutions for healthcare industries are being developed as you’re reading this. 

Smartwatches with heart rate and SpO2 sensors are only some popular examples of using the IoT for health purposes. 

These wearables are expected to become even smarter and feature sensors with additional parameters that will help measure vitals. 

  • Chip-level innovations

There have been numerous improvements in IoT sensors and solutions; however, chip-level innovations are yet to come. 

This is already changing and experts are developing specialized chips for IoT devices. 

These innovations are a result of edge computing and AI in IoT. Organizations today need more processing power so the industry is developing new instruction sets and architectures. 

In the near future, it’s expected for these chips to be able to handle AI systems and neural networks with low power consumption. These chip improvements will bring more innovations in AI solutions. 

  • Enhanced security of IoT

Security is pivotal on IoT devices and users are aware of the need for innovations in this area. Many IoT devices in the last years have been attacked, especially those with weaker security. 

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) had to take away the standard passwords for these devices due to legislation and to label the devices with security risks. 

These labels are already implemented in Germany and Singapore which inform the users about the security of the device. Security improvements are also being explored in the US, the UK, and the EU in an effort to maximize the safety aspects of IoT devices.

Final Thoughts

The IoT is the driving force of smarter living and advanced work efficiency. IoT trends and innovations keep coming as the tech advances and new needs arise. 

Enterprises today work smarter and more effectively thanks to IoT devices. They give them insight into performance, supply chain, logistics, employee efficiency, etc. 

Machines with IoT devices are able to work without human assistance and this helps lower costs, promote automation, lower waste, and better services. 

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