Case Study #1 – Green-Go System

The context

At Arthaus, we want to continuously improve and for our business model to remain future-proof. And what could be a better way to do this than getting actively involved with the Internet of Things (IoT) industry? 

Connected devices are now far more than consumer products for smart homes. Today, they allow for the convergence of multiple technologies. IoT devices help capture information from a vast network of touchpoints, aggregate them in a shared system, and use them to improve a wide array of businesses. 

The potential of IoT technology is nothing short of incredible and is bound to dominate our lives at some point in the future. As such, we at Arthaus focus a lot of effort on IoT R&D. 

The challenge 

Arthaus participated in two IoT research projects in the past years, with a particular focus given on usability and functionality. The word of this experience spread and we were contacted by the Green-Go company to help them develop a software solution for site-specific turfgrass management. 

However, there was a conundrum. The research projects we previously worked on had little in common with Green-Go’s business model. So, to provide the best possible solution for our client, our best developers needed to learn the ins and outs of an entirely new industry. 

The solution

With that said, the effort was completely worth it. We managed to provide a simple and intuitive digital platform to our clients to manage their weather stations specifically designed for turf care. 

The program that was developed provides precise and visual data that can be used to set up automatic caring schedules, prevent issues, and detect pest outbreaks. 

Today, the Green-Go weather stations have been successfully implemented in turf caring programs for renowned sports clubs such as AC Milan, Genoa, Weder Bremen, and OM Marseille, among others.