“Laravel Ecosystem: Tools and Packages for Developers”

Laravel tools and packages are taking over as more and more web developers choose to work with this framework.

Laravel has become one of the most popular frameworks for PHP. In the last couple of years, the TIOBE Index has consistently ranked PHP in the top 10 popular scripting languages for web development.

The “secret” to this popularity is the well-connected Laravel ecosystem. It’s comprised of diverse tools and packages for effortless web development. 

As a simple yet powerful model-view-controller framework, Laravel enables PHP web application development with quick cycles and speedy results.

Let’s learn more about the benefits of using Laravel as well as the must-have Laravel tools and packages!

Laravel Explained 

This PHP back-end framework has multiple uses. 

Developers use it for a variety of things; from building sites of different sizes to creating web applications like social networks, monitoring tools, and systems for password management. 

It’s a flexible framework that supports different programming languages. It’s already an in-demand skill and is favored among developers

Developers praise it for being easy to work with since it’s capable of utilizing ready-made features like session management, routing, authentication, caching, etc. 

Code-free website creators may be awesome for building simple projects like portfolios or online stores; however, for more complex projects, this option may not suffice and a framework and code writing may be necessary. 

This is where Laravel comes into the picture: it’s an easy-to-use and open-source framework for contemporary web application development.

6 Great Laravel Tools & Packages in 2023 

Laravel tools and Laravel packages are vital in speeding up the process of development and maximizing the efficiency of the developers’ team. 

But, let’s be honest: there are plenty of tools and packages in the ecosystem of Laravel!  It may not always be easy to find the right fit for the current needs of the developers’ team.

Making the right choice will ensure optimal team productivity and user experience. To ease the process of choosing a Laravel package or a tool, let’s look at a few of the top picks:

  • Laravel Nova

Nova is a prepaid administration panel that features a beautiful design and meticulous crafting. 

It’s designed to maximize development and has a simple admin panel that can be used for light management of content or maintaining relationships with customers. 

For example, doing report downloading, sending emails, data searching, graph reviewing, database changes, etc. 

The latest version, Silver Surfer, brings impressive new features like automatic field filters, responsive layout, conditional fields, inline relationship editing, dashboard notifications, etc. 

  • Laravel Kit 

This simple yet elegant desktop application is a must-have for the management of Laravel applications. Available for macOS, Windows, and Linux, the kit is highly praised for its convenience and beautiful interface. 

It doesn’t require configuration and provides convenient features like serving the Laravel application locally using a click of a button. 

The artisan commands are retrieved from the Laravel project and there’s a light and a dark theme. 

  • Flare Service

Flare is among the top error-tracking services for Laravel, PHP, and JavaScript. It monitors applications and notifies about errors. 

It also offers solutions and related documentation for some of the most common problems. It’s popular because the Ignition error page automatically fixes the errors with only one click. 

With the Flare tracking service, you get a focused and fast interface and a comfortable experience throughout the whole monitoring process. 

  • Lumen 

This subset of Laravel is a PHP-based micro-framework that’s used for full-stack development. However, it’s only applicable to specific solutions. 

It definitely has some of the most unique features and it can be upgraded to Laravel when needed. 

Both beginners and experts find Lumen non-complex and ideal for web applications for microservices. With it, you get high speed, fast response time, and excellent performance. 

  • Laravel Cashier 

This free and open-source package has an expressive and fluent interface for Stripe’s and Braintree’s subscription billing services. It’s designed to tackle almost all of the boilerplate subscription billing code. 

It offers so much more than basic management of subscriptions, including coupon handling, subscription swaps, cancellation grace periods, invoice generation in PDF, and more. 

  • Laravel Forge 

This PHP server automation tool is used for setting up a web app for deployment. The Forge has plenty of noteworthy features that make it an indispensable tool for server automation. 

Some of them are backups of databases that install SSL certificates in a matter of seconds, security by default, easy-to-set-up SSH keys, and free SSL certificates. 

Final Thoughts 

The Laravel ecosystem is an intricate system of popular tools and packages that help Laravel developers create premium-quality web applications. 

Often described as the game changer in web development, Laravel packages and tools in 2023 maintain their popularity because of the elegant syntax, active community, built-in support for MVC architecture, routing, ORM system, etc. 

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