Bespoke Software For Businesses – How То Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

Businesses often face a hard choice – to pick up software off the shelf or get it tailored to their needs. Making this choice can be challenging as ready-to-use apps can cover most of their needs and cost much less at a first glance. 

However, bespoke software can be much more beneficial in the long run and can cut developing and operating costs significantly. In this post, we share our opinion on bespoke (or tailored) software, what it is, and its advantages. After reading this article you should have a good idea of why opting for bespoke software will benefit your business. 

What is bespoke software

Bespoke software, or in other words custom or tailored software is software that has been created with the client’s specific needs in mind. Much like a tailored suit, these software solutions are built to the businesses’ particular specifications and should meet all of the requirements of the company. 

These bespoke solutions are even be developed to fit into your current ways of working, so you needn’t change how you work in order to employ the system. As the solution is tailored to your individual business and you own the source code, the solution can be easily integrated with other bespoke or packaged software, used to replace a legacy system, and can be updated and expanded in the future.

All in all, it’s a customized alternative to expensive packaged software solutions that might contain unnecessary modules that aren’t vital to your business and could just complicate the way you operate. 

Why choose bespoke software

Bespoke software is the opposite of off-the-shelf software. Packaged software is built for general use and may not suit the needs of your company. Many choose this solution as it’s often cheaper than bespoke software, but this doesn’t mean that the operating costs are lower. 

Instead, off-the-shelf software often requires more time to create workarounds. These can result in a loss of productivity which could end costing your business more than a tailored software solution. 

More importantly, your internal or commercial activities might be too particular to fit a general use software. This means that adopting an off-the-shelf solution will not be able to cover all of your needs. This in turn leads to having to purchase multiple different systems for small portions of your activity, costing more than a bespoke software solution. 

And finally, if you are innovating in your niche, you won’t be able to do this with simple off-the-shelf software. You will need a solution that will help you be faster, more productive, and bring advanced solutions to your clients, making custom software a must. 

Advantages of custom apps over off-the-shelf software

As such, bespoke software has numerous advantages for your business and is often the better choice. The most notable benefits of custom software solutions are: 

  • Custom solution – Bespoke software is a custom solution, meaning that competitors will not have the same system. At the same time, your users will have access to a unique experience, differentiating you from the competition. Moreover, it allows you to automate particular tasks in your operating system that you would otherwise be unable to do with an 0ff-the-shelf app. 
  • Flexibility – Because you own the source code of your software, the development team can change and adapt your solution to fit new requirements. This will allow you to respond to evolving market solutions. With this flexibility, you will be able to expand into new areas and remain competitive at all times. 
  • Ongoing support – because tailored solutions match the exact needs of the company, they require less technical support. There is no worry that the company that developed your app suddenly stops supporting the software you purchased. This could force you to migrate to new software, disrupting the workflow significantly. Moreover, upgrades and updates will happen as required, not as dictated by the mass market. You get more control over how and when the software solution needs changing, and bugs can be fixed and upgrades can be added as you deem necessary. 
  • Security   Hackers target mass-market software often because of the sheer number of users they can hit. With a bespoke software solution, malicious actors need to specifically target their attack to your company. These attacks are much easier to defend against, and the incentive of carrying out such a hack is very small. Moreover, a bespoke solution can integrate additional security measures that correspond exactly to the way your business operates. And finally, with tailored solutions, you have fewer people accessing it, which results in fewer opportunities for security breaches. 

Off-the-shelf vs bespoke software

Below is the summary of these two types of software solutions, that should help you understand the benefits of tailored solutions even further. 

Packaged software

  • At best, the system will meet 80% of your business requirements. 
  • Fast availability for a basic solution. 
  • Lower initial capital cost (depending on whether you will need one or multiple solutions)
  • More features included (most of them, unnecessary)
  • Much harder to obtain customized features, if at all. 
  • You do not own the software in itself and cannot transfer it to another business. 
  • Changes are decided by the developer and added sporadically. Sometimes vital features might be removed. 

Bespoke software

  • Meets 100% of your requirements allowing you to execute tasks your competitors cannot. 
  • Longer time for development, but speedier implementation and training. 
  • Higher initial cost but better cost-effectiveness and cost over time. 
  • New features are developed when you need them. 
  • You can negotiate ownership of the source code and can use the software as a business asset. 


Even though off-the-shelf software is versatile and easy to use, bespoke wins out because it’s qualitative and targeted at the needs of the client, their employees, and their own customers. Custom solutions allow users to spend more time being productive because they adapt to the way of work of the company. 

To be able to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced world, bespoke software solutions are some of the best perks businesses can afford. They allow them to be more efficient, cut on operating costs and provide a unique experience for their customers.