Case Study #2 – Hashtags for Likes

The context

Saying how much we love to work with accurate data would be an understatement. We believe that accessing the right information can give the perfect moment of clarity allowing you to make rational business decisions based on facts, not just guts.

To analyze and eliminate pain points, you need information. The first step would be to analyze usage, customer feedback, and other data sets to uncover where the actual pain points are – or to determine whether a perceived pain point is actually a pain point or not.

Diving into relevant data can potentially tell you almost everything you need to know about your customers, from their likes and dislikes to consumer behavior. 

So, it’s only natural that at Arthaus, we thrive to find solutions to securing, safeguarding, and analyzing said data. 

The challenge

Startup Hashtags for likes contacted us to help them improve their offering. At that time, they were offering a useful, but limited service to their customers – to improve their Instagram influence by taking some specific actions when posting content on the social platform. 

As they had heard about Arthaus’ appreciation and ability to handle precise and relevant data, they had a mission for us. Hashtags for likes as in dire need of hard data that would help them improve their services. They wanted to provide their customers an organic solution to improve their following on Instagram, backed by relevant analytics.  

The solution

We provided an analytics platform that allowed our client’s customers to access incredibly helpful information crucial to the growth of their following. 

They can now track their direct competitors, target a specific audience and curate their content by relying on real-time analytics of their Instagram profile. 

In contrast to paid promotions, we managed to provide a tool that helps individuals, influencers, and businesses increase their reach organically. This, in turn, ensures steady growth and a higher follower retention rate. 

For this product, our highest-ranking senior developers managed to provide multiple API integration tools for our clients, allowing them to offer a multifaceted, user-friendly solution to their customers.