Case Study #3 – Psych

The context

The COVID19 pandemic showed the world how fragile our society really is. The lockdowns played a crucial role in people’s mental health, making it very hard for people to cope with everyday life. 

The measures to fight the virus only worsened this issue. Suddenly people were cut off from the only lifeline that kept their lives bearable, their mental care providers. 

And even before the pandemic, proximity has always been an issue for psychiatrists to provide care in rural areas. Patients have to travel hundreds of miles to reach psychiatric services, needing to take time off of work, sometimes on a regular basis. 

The challenge

Having heard of our proficiency to adapt our products to different markets, Psych 1 contacted us at Arthaus to solve this glaring issue. 

They wanted to create a platform where Australian mental care professionals could provide care for patients remotely. The challenge was quite formidable as it was aimed to serve 4 different groups – psychiatrists, patients, general practitioners, and organisations. 

The goal was to provide a frictionless experience for both the medical practitioner and the patient. As such, patients wouldn’t need to travel to big cities to access vital services and would avoid crowded waiting rooms. Simultaneously, doctors could manage their patients through a streamlined platform, and allow them to provide services without geographical limitation.  

The solution

By implementing our software solution, we delivered an integrated managing platform that allows doctors to offer psychiatric assessments and treatments far beyond their usual scope. 

It allows them to remain flexible regarding business hours and offer their services beyond their current clinical placement. They can now accept patients from all around the country, broadening their pool of potential patients considerably.   

But more importantly, this integrated software solution allows for interoperability between different healthcare providers. It makes access to relevant patient data a breeze, connecting GPs, psychiatrists, and healthcare facilities. Today, doctors can sign up for the platform and manage all the aspects of their doctor-patient relationship in one place – sessions, documentation and note-taking, even payments and insurance rebates. 

The platform allows for more efficient patient management, while coincidentally opening up psychiatric services to people anywhere across the country (and the world!).